KFFL Covid 19 Procedures.

The  following applies to all Floodlit League teams as and from League resuming on July 20th.


1. All teams to appoint a Covid officer and notify Eamonn Cleere of this person’s contact details at least 48hrs before first game.

2. Covid Officer or team manager  to have contact details  for ALL players.

3. Match card for each game to be filled in and signed by team manager before commencement of each game. NO EXCEPTIONS.

4. All players and officials to arrive as close as possible to kick off time and leave venue immediately after game.

5. Two metre social distancing rule to be adhered to by players (except for match time), officials, and spectators at all times.

6. No handshakes allowed

7. No spitting.

8. Absolutely no sharing of water bottles.

9. Toilets will be available, one individual at a time.

10. Dressing rooms and showers will be UNAVAILABLE.

11. Hand sanitiser will be available at venue but players and officials are asked to bring their own also.

12. Covid signage at venue to be observed and adhered to at all times.